Out Reach Programme


CFTI Chennai helps the people in the neglected segment make their way out of poverty. We provide skill base training in footwear, resources and support to help people launch a activity and help themselves.

We focus our support on women, the majority of whom report that, once they have launched their activities, they are able to provide better nutrition, health care and education for their families.


We identify potential members with help from local organizations that are active in the regions in which we work. Once we have identified the member, we extend our services to start or expand a activity. At that time we also provide skill based training and access to various technical resources and knowledge base in a groups at their place of convenience. This approach leads to Self-Empowerment.

Working with the community to create a life plan, provide necessary skill based training, and material resources The majority of the people we work with are illiterate, so we prepare this process to meet their needs.